Latest News: Attended India-Japan Conference on Technical Intern Training Program organized by NSDC in collaboration with JITCO and Embassy of India in Japan. Visit by SVO FA Cooperative in Delhi Centre for recruitment of caregivers. Signed agreement with SVO-Nakanihon. Visit by Kakuda Tomassadamori and Yamazaki Takao at Rohini, Delhi centre.
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Orion Sashi Pvt. Ltd. is a Joint venture between Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd. and Sashi Trading Co. of Japan. It is empanelled as the Sending Organization for Technical Intern Training Programme (TITP).

Orion operates Japanese Language Training Institute (namely Kotaba Japanese Training Centre at Kolkata, India) with JLPT N2 and N1 Level Certified trainers and have presence in Japan at Yokohama-City, Kanagawa, since 2007, in association with consortium partner Sashi Trading Company.

The Company is committed to train the candidates in Japanese language and other correlated vocational and additional skill development training along with mobilizing candidates, counselling them and providing adequate infrastructure for the same. The Company works as Japan's Technical Intern Training Provider (TITP) and provides training to the aspirant Indian youth in various technical skills and Japanese language and culture as per the demand from supervising and/or implementing organization/employers of Japan.

At present, Orion Sashi has signed MoU with SVO-Nakanihon High Tech Information Co-operative association. It is looking forward to more SVO tie –ups in the near future. It has also tied with institutes like Salokaya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and M/s JayKay Skills Foundation Pvt. Ltd. for Nursing and ITI candidates. It looks forward to many more tie ups with Nursing institutes and public organizations for various job roles.


Our Sectors

TITP is an initiative taken by the Indian & Japanese Government to send Indian Trainees to Japan, for technical training. The aim is to provide a platform and to prepare young workers from sectors- Caregiver, Construction, IT, Welders, Metals & Machinery and Automobiles of India


What is TITP?

TITP stands for Technical Intern Training Program. It is a work training program to assist foreign nationals and provide them with job opportunities in Japan. It is administered by JITCO.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for TITP?

1. Age: 18 – 28 Years 2. Qualification: 12th Pass/ ITI Graduate/Nursing Graduate 3. Experience: 6 months to 1 year in relevant area. 4. Citizenship: Should be Indian Citizen

Benefits of TITP

1. Career Growth 2. Better working conditions 3. Better Opportunities 4. Benefit Japan and its inhabitants since it has an ageing population 5. Acquiring new skills and language to be utilised throughout the life for career opportunities 6. Development of industries and companies in India once the candidates return to the home country 7. Contribution to the reforms of work practices, cost awareness and quality management in home country etc. 8. Production boost in the home countries 9. Strengthening of relationships between Japanese Implementing Organizations and overseas companies

What is the Selection Procedure for TITP?

The candidates are selected on the basis of their performance in the interview. Few tests like aptitude test, technical test, Language test and medical tests are carried out to determine the same

Is any Fees involved in TITP Program?

Yes. The candidate has to pay training and placement fee to the Sending organization.

Cost of Training:

  1. 1. Offline training - INR 80,000 / Online training - INR 50,000
  2. 2. Rs. 25,000 on receiving conditional letter from SVO
  3. 3. Rs. 55,000 on Initiation of Documentation Process
  4. 4. Rs. 55,000 on Initiation of Visa Support

What is the duration of Internship?

The duration of internship ranges between 3-5 years

Please give some idea about the education curriculum?

The training is imparted by JLPT N1 and N2 qualified instructors. It contains study on both Japanese language and Japanese culture. Quality training materials and standardized books are used for imparting training

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Student Feedback

  • Thank you Orion and its trainers for putting in so much hard work and helping me learn the language in a smooth way


  • Orion teachers provided me quality training material and classes which inculcated in me the desire to learn the language in a better fashion.


  • I would like to thank Orion for providing me a platform to learn a language and accomplish my dream of becoming a successful woman in life


  • I am Aakanshi, I have completed my Nursing degree and now have enrolled for Japanese learning for better career opportunities


  • Thank you Orion and its trainers for putting in so much hard work and helping me learn the language in a smooth way

    Uma Rana

Who Trust Us

Clients' Feedback

Kobori San

Happy to work with Orion for meeting the progressive demand of Care Workers in Japan.

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