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Japanese language training in India

Whether in your own country or abroad, knowledge of a foreign language always keeps you ahead in your career. Candidates can choose from several languages, but Japanese is one of the best languages to help you pursue a prospective career.Orion Sashi provides Japanese language training to candidates to help them get career opportunities in Japan as an intern. Candidates are given placement for on-the-job training for 3-5 years in Japan for the Technical Intern Training Program.

Reasons to pursue Japanese language training

Learning Japanese broadens career opportunities for the candidates at the international level, as

  • The number of Japanese registered companies in India is increasing by the number of 100 each year.
  • Almost 1,400+ Japanese registered companies in India are opening the gate to step into the latest technological world for Indian workers.
  • Japan stans tall as the 2nd largest software market in the globe after the US.
  • Japan’s low population is insufficient for the required human capital, creating enormous job opportunities for skilled workers with Japanese knowledge.
  • Global automobile giants like Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Nissan, Mazda, Isuzu, etc., have their factories and business in India.
  • Electronics companies like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Fujitsu, NEC, etc., also hold a robust presence in India.
  • Learning the Japanese language and culture is relatively easy and more interesting than other languages.

Job opportunities in various sectors in Japan under TITP

According to the latest TITP updates by NSDC India, below is a chart presenting the sector-wise intern distribution sent in Japan.

Indystry-wise Intern Distribution


So, candidates are able to get placement in construction, mechanics and manufacturing, fishery, textile, automobile, health care, etc.

Why choose Orion Sashi for Japanese language training?

Knowledge of the Japanese language from Orion can be beneficial for the candidates in the following ways:

  • NSDC has certified Orion Sashi as the Sending Organization for TITP in Japan.
  • We provide best-in-class training at Orion to prepare the candidates for future opportunities
  • Our professional trainers are certified and experienced in years of teaching.
  • We provide training to make our students utmost expert in technical and soft skills.
  • We introduce our students to the changing dynamics of various industries.

Details of Japanese language training course

Attributes of Japanese Language
Grammar The grammar of the Japanese language is relatively easy than the others.
Expression The level of expression varies from talking to a younger person to older and friends to families.
Pronunciation Japanese language has fewer sounds and pronunciation, making it comparatively easy.

Speech level

Level Remarks
N5 Reading and comprehending basic sentences and expressions. Listening and understanding conversation on typical topics of daily life. Interpret important information from the basic conversation.
N4 Reading and comprehending passages on daily topics in basic vocabulary. Listening and understanding conversation of daily life topics in a normal flow.


Level Time
N5 120 hours
N4 120 hours


So, candidates are able to get placement in construction, mechanics and manufacturing, fishery, textile, automobile, health care, etc.

Process of enrolment

Below is the process of enrolment:


Aptitude test




Selection & Conditional


Language Training


Documentation And Visa Eligibility Letter


Visa Acceptance


Recruitment In Japan

Eligibility criteria

Candidates must be aspiring to find job opportunities in Japan and pass their 12th board examination.

Japanese language training process

Orion Sashi aims to maintain the quality of the training program through proper implementation and highly qualified facilitators. Our training program covers the following elements.