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Posted On: 2020-01-04

Japan is always looking up for young energetic Indian Caregivers:

Japan is the right destination for those who are looking for employment as Caregivers abroad. Unlike many other foreign countries, Caregivers enjoy a substantial salary along with several perks for maintaining a quality lifestyle in Japan. Interested ones can even further their learning through training with guaranteed employment opportunities afterwards in this Land of the Rising Sun. Indian Caregivers are readily accepted into the Japanese healthcare system. Most employers prefer Indian Caregivers over candidates from other neighboring countries. The perpetually ageing society of Japan has spiked up their requirement for Caregivers who can assist, accompany and attend the old and ailing individuals. As is natural, the Japanese too, like any of us, want Caregivers for the aged who are not just skilled but also gently caring. Due to the ingrained culture of giving and serving mentioned in the Upanishad, Indian Caregivers are most suitable to their ideal candidature. Here is the array of qualities that makes Indian caregivers so highly sought after in Japan.

1. Admirably Reliable- Japan has a busy lifestyle. The relatives and dearest ones of an ailing/ ageing person cannot be around them even if they wish so. The better part of a day is that the patients may have to depend on the support of the caregivers. Though modern technology has made provision for remote monitoring, still the necessity of Caregivers with superior human values is fierce. That is why reliability is one of the key factors for choosing a Caregiver. The Indian caregivers show deep respect for duty and never withdraw from their responsibilities. The Japanese too have recognized this characteristic early on and consider Indian caregivers as both responsible and reliable.

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2. Extremely Patient- Patience is an enumerating quality of caregivers. The morality of patience is an important criterion for getting selected as a caregiver and maintaining an excellent placement as one. Indians have proved their spirit in getting and keeping caregivers jobs in Japan by the dint of their unparalleled patience. They have the determination to perform such seemingly impossible tasks successfully. Indian Caregivers have passed with flying colors in upholding their humanitarian commitment.

3. Professionally Skilled- Since the Japanese value training and learning very much, they only want to hire Caregivers who have professional certifications and some also look for experience certificates. In India, certified and registered nurses have to obtain Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree which is a four-year long course. Indians applying for caregiving jobs additionally fulfil all the criteria that the Japanese have as well. On top of that, Indians are quick and thorough learners. Picking up the Japanese language skills under a well-planned, premier Japanese Language Program is not difficult for them. Fluent speaking and easy comprehension of the language is definitely a must for caregiving. Hence, Japanese speaking caregivers from India with N3 language proficiency enjoy a competitive edge over others. The Indian caregivers easily adapt to the Japanese way of life and value their cultural specifications. This is another plus point why the Japanese hold Indian Caregivers in such high esteem. Thus, Working as Caregiver in Japan can add a revered laurel to your resume and open up greater channels of further employment.

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